GDPR Data Breach Services

VMGroup help our clients with the following breach services:

 Aid in developing a response plan that protects critical systems and information without disrupting core business functions
Aid in investigating a breach, detecting the source, impact and report of same
Test response plans to ensure in the event of a breach, they work and are effective
Become a pivotal role within a response plan

GDPR Risk Assessments

VMGroup provide the following Risk assessment services to our clients:

Perform audits and assessments on the data landscape of an organisation
Perform Risk assessments on the security of the data being held
Perform Data Impact Assessments on projects

GDPR and IT Security Awareness Training

VMGroup provides bespoke awareness training to suit their clients organisation and culture

Training can be to small teams, or as part of a full organisation’s training programme

VMGroup team can work with your Training teams, HR Dept, Compliance Department and IT Security teams to ensure all areas are covered within the training that suit your organisation.

Data Protection Officer Services

VMGroup help our clients with the following GDPR services:

VMGroup can appoint a DPO – We can be your appointed Data protection officer, providing Data Protection Officer services to your organisation
VMGroup can sit on Risk and Compliance boards in your organisation in respect to data privacy and security

GDPR Data Subject Access Request Services

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